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How can I get email notifications about new tasks?

3 minutes to read5th of May 2017

Nobody wants projects and tasks to fall behind. Get a jump start on tasks by notifying your team when tasks are assigned to them. Since Cloud Coach Milestones is built on Salesforce, it’s easy to automatically send emails to your team when they’ve been an assigned a new task.

Step 1: Create your email template. 

Before we can automatically send an email to our project team members, you need to start with an email template in Salesforce. In my example, I’m pulling in a few fields from my Milestones project and task (task name, project name, and task due date) so that the information in the email is valuable to the task owner.

Step 2: Create your email alert

After you create your email template, go a step further and create your email alert. The email alert, also created in the Salesforce administration area, is where you set which email template is used and who the email is sent to. The email alert is selected in our next step – process builder.

Step 3: Use Process Builder to create your automation.

Process Builder allows you to automatically send the email when a task is assigned.

Our starting point in Process Builder is the Milestone Assignment object. 

Then we define the criteria:

And create the action to send the email template. This is where we actually use the email alert we created in Step 2.

Overall, our simple process looks like this:

Activate the process, and you’re ready to go! Now your team members will get email notifications when a new task is assigned to them. They won’t need to check their assignments for new work!

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