“We are now able to identify gaps, because now we have visibility. The biggest benefit is I’ve been able to retain my team, because they’re happy.

Letrecia Thompson

Director of CRM Technology


AmerisourceBergen Corporation is an American drug wholesale company that provides drug distribution and consulting services related to medical business operations and patient services.

Today they are ranked #8 on the Fortune 500 with more than $200 billion in annual revenue.

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Employees: 40,000


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Project requests moved to card process

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Improved staff retention

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Increased employee collaboration



The CRM and Business Solutions team were using multiple tools and systems to run various projects and internal initiatives. These systems included Salesforce, Smartsheet, Excel, and email for collaboration, making it hard to understand the lifecycle of any given project

Cloud Coach’s ability to support multiple different project types and methodologies.  AmerisourceBergen is now able to bring all projects together using one tool and govern best practices across the different project teams

 Employees did not have visibility into what work needed to be completed and how the output of their work rolled up into overall programs

AmerisourceBergen employees can now see where value is being added and at what stage of the project. Tasks can be assigned to end users and performance can be measured against SLAs available in reports. This transparency across the department has allowed leadership to recognize and retain team members

Project requests lacked a formal process with set deliverable dates and milestones

The Water-Scrum-Fall methodology perfectly suited the agile nature in which the CRM team executed their work while still allowing progress to roll up into a set timeline and bring better visibility to leadership

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