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“Cloud Coach has empowered us to move off of different systems to streamline and optimize our processes, which has allowed us to manage projects more efficiently, log time, and have more clear reporting across the business.”

Jackson Witherill

Senior Product Management Associate


athenahealth provides technology to the healthcare industry to maximize efficiencies around medical records, billing and health data analytics.

Industry: Healthtech & Healthcare
Employees: 6000


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Savings on headcount–(What was previously the job of three people is now done by one person)

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Savings on License Costs from reduction of six different tools down to one

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Stopped relying on spreadsheets to run projects



We had a fragmented experience across many different technology platforms.

Now we have a uniform solution that is also native to the Salesforce platform.

We struggled with poor visability on tracking project tasks as our implementations require anywhere from 100-1000 tasks per project with multiple stakeholders.

Cloud Coach’s task view allows us to quickly and easily monitor many tasks at once and the External Project View even keeps our clients in the loop.

With teams all over the globe, direct communication was a constant challenge to project success.

Being able to leverage Chatter inside the Cloud Coach solution has helped us communicate more effectively and been huge for keeping conversations centralized.

We had no standardized reporting and a lack of visibility into project health.

Capuring the data in Cloud Coach has allowed us to track project health and leverage the Salesforce dashboard engine for a unified reporting structure.

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