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“We got a lot less paperwork, a lot more visibility about what was happening with our customers during implementation, and a lot of backend business intelligence that let us know how effective we were being with Implementation Manager time. We couldn’t do any of that without Cloud Coach. It was a quantum leap forward for us.

“It’s helped us make sure that we’re spending time on the right things.”

Jo Tatti

Senior Director Services


ClearCompany sells SaaS in the HR space. Their mission is to help customers Attract, Retain, and Engage A-Players.

Industry: HR
Employees: 200


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Time taken to audit the work of an Implementation Manager has reduced significantly

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Much better visibility in how deeply customers have used the ClearCompany software

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Ability to track the cost of goods sold



For HR reviews, Implementation Managers (IMs) had to manually record points-based measures in spreadsheets.

Project plans for customers were built into tasks and subtasks in Cloud Coach. ClearCompany assigned a series of points to those tasks, so each time one was completed, they would be added automatically.

A lack of visibility on what work has been completed for customers during implementation

With Cloud Coach’s reporting functionality, ClearCompany has a good visibility on how many points IMs are earning. This has helped ClearCompany enable IMs to use their time more effectively and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Lack of business intelligence about what software features were being used.

All the data on what features have been enabled for customers is now easily accessible, and can be used in ClearCompany’s customer tracking software.

Hard for IMs to understand what targets had been met and whether or not they were on track for a quarterly bonus.

IMs can now easily see, on a Cloud Coach dashboard, how many points have been accrued. Additionally, they could open up project plans and view all of the areas they could potentially target in future. 

This allowed IMs to forecast how they were going to score in each quarter, while also seeing how much earned value they had on their project rolling forward into the next KPI quarter.

Unable to accurately track the cost of goods sold.

ClearCompany now has complete visibility on much it is paying per point in bonuses and can see how much it costs to implement each customer, in addition to fixed salary costs.

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