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“It’s given us the accuracy and consistency we want when calculating the commissions. We have visibility on every project and status and the tasks involved. We are able to deliver on time and on budget and track that with early warning. We are also able to balance our resource loads and, finally, we are able to customize and add things on.”

Nick Yarymovych



 Cloudpointe helps mid-to-large size companies solve their most pressing business challenges, delivering fast results and solutions that will have long-term business impact.

Industry: Customer Success
Employees: 20


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Accurate and consistent commission calculation, coinciding with payroll cycle

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Clear expectations for salespeople on past and upcoming commissions

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Established master of record with additional audit layer



For the commission process, information was taken out of Salesforce, tracked manually in spreadsheets, and then paid via the payroll system. 

Cloudpointe built a solution internally using Cloud Coach. Everything is native Salesforce and based on the Cloud Coach work entries of completed, invoiced and paid.

Manual processes meant a lack of visibility on what commissions were paid or upcoming, and the number of steps involved meant data was not always up-to-date or accurate.

The commission process has been built to coincide with the bi-weekly payroll cycle, providing the ability to track and review commissions that are ready to be paid. 

Cloudpointe needed an accurate and consistent method for setting and calculating commissions, with varying degrees of complexity.

The established master of record for commissions now sits native in Salesforce and can only be controlled by operations.

In instances where there are discounts on sales, the new Cloudpointe system has been set up to apply commission adjustments automatically, using information in Salesforce. 


Cloudpointe wanted to ensure the tracking and payment of commissions was safe from manipulation or error

Standard Salesforce security settings can control who can enter information, set up commissions, pay commissions, and also view their own commissions.

The new solution also provides an audit trail for added security, showing who has made changes and highlighting what changes have been made and when.

Sales employees were rewarded on projects that had been sold, delivered and invoiced. This was hard to track with a manual process.

Commissions can be generated and paid through the new system.

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