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“The biggest impact we have seen is the time saving for project teams. Clients can now see live schedules, and Infinity Group also can schedule automated emails to clients based on a stage in the project journey. It’s all integrated with Salesforce, a tool we already use heavily, so Cloud Coach isn’t just another tool in another tab.”

Lana Edwards

Operations Manager


For over 15 years, Infinity Group has been creating inspiring spaces. Infinity Group offers a cohesive package of services to design and build better commercial and industrial spaces. Start to finish, clients have a clear view of the design, function, investment, and schedule.

Infinity Group tackles projects with the right mix of design creativity and project management experience.

Industry: Architecture and Construction
Employees: 30


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Significant time savings for the project team

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90% of the team now using Cloud Coach

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Automation based on ticket creation



Processes and schedules were static and couldn’t update in real time. As soon as a schedule was printed off, it was out of date

With Cloud Coach’s project views, Infinity Group could create a master schedule showing all of the project schedules across the company and in one format

Limited opportunity to grow as a team and a business with existing workflows

Infinity Group outlined everything it wanted the platform to do and worked with the Cloud Coach team and an in-house Salesforce integration team to add workflows. Projects are easier to manage, with more visibility

Duplication of work between Salesforce and spreadsheets

All schedules are based on opportunities and the products Infinity Groups offers. The integration takes each product and provides tasks under the product, so a project is automatically built out task-wise upon creation

Team members can add dates, dependencies and assign out the tasks

Difficulty in communication projects across the wider Infinity Group team

Cloud Coach is now used by the entirety of the construction team, for scheduling, procurement, purchase orders and adjustments. Other teams like architectural, engineering and strategy can now be assigned tasks

Now, 90% of the Infinity Group team is using Cloud Coach in some way, whether it’s for tickets, tasks or even creating reports

Hard to manage projects with an inflexible ticketing process

Infinity Group is heavily using the Cloud Coach ticketing capabilities. All purchaser requests that map over to finance when submitted are all in Cloud Coach. Infinity Group also includes other tickets like investment adjustments on a project, which can be submitted to client relations

Infinity Group has also put in place automation rules based on tickets being created and getting the right information to the right people

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