“With Cloud Coach we lose less time because, at a glance, we can clearly see exactly where we are on any given project. There’s now granularity on who needs to do what, and when.”

Paul Antoine

Salesforce Project Manager


With more than 45 years of know-how and expertise, JES is the French leader in collective space management solutions.

Industry: Software
Employees: 51-200


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JES is saving hours thanks to Cloud Coach Gantts

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Team members now have complete project oversight

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JES can quickly and easily update clients on the status of projects



JES was using a legacy CRM called Queries. In order to provide the required functionality, the tool became increasingly customized, making it difficult to manage. 

Cloud Coach’s Gantt charts are combined with Salesforce Flows, ensuring they are created automatically for new projects.

JES is also able to take advantage of project templates for similar or repeatable projects, meaning team members can easily see what tasks need to be completed. 

The legacy tool was unsuited to project management. With no Gantt chart functionality, projects could only be managed with basic text and date fields. In addition, tasks could only be assigned to a small number of individuals, making project oversight incredibly difficult. 

Thanks to Cloud Coach, JES now has complete oversight of its projects, ensuring there is no more confusion as to project status, or who has been assigned an individual task. Projects are now far easier to manage, with team members now able to see, at a glance, what tasks have been completed, when they were completed, and by who. 

Using the old CRM became a time-consuming process. Because the tool had reached the limits of its capabilities, even simple tasks such as starting a new project became difficult, impacting on the efficiency of the JES team. 

Initiating new projects on Cloud Coach can be done at the click of a button, saving the JES team hours when compared to the previous solution.


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