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“Excel is gone, dashboards have been created, and managers can start their day with a coffee and a quick 50,000ft hover over their department to see how things are doing, how individuals are performing and see how profitable projects are as a whole.”

Manager of Implementation Consulting

PerfectMind is a membership management software that uses cloud-based technology to help organizations of all sizes connect with their communities.

Industry: Software
Employees: 51-200


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Time is saved with repeatable templates, removing human error from the process

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Resource load reports set clear expectations

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Project profitability is easy to see with Cloud Coach reports



A lot of disparate information was kept between Salesforce and Excel, resulting in the manual calculation of KPIs.

PerfectMind wanted to utilize the information that was already in Salesforce and add a reporting discipline for projects to eliminate the manual tasks which were being repeated on a monthly basis. 

Through the use of calculated fields, dashboards, and pre-built reports, PerfectMind can now see how KPIs are performing at the click of a button.

With automatic monthly reports, there is no longer the need for time-consuming end-of-month reports to be collated manually. 

The second challenge PerfectMind had was understanding ever-changing resourcing needs.

Both resource requirements and resource loads were impossible to see in real time and required a lot of manual and time-consuming Excel work to collate. 

Perfect Mind now has a clear picture on how busy resources are, how much additional capacity they may or may not have, and can now look forward to understand whether additional resourcing or resource changes need to be made.

PerfectMind’s resource load reports quickly provide red, yellow and green type exception-based reporting to understand how resources are performing.

PerfectMind struggled with the consistency and the repeatability of processes.

Manual data calculations made it hard to evaluate both the consistency of output and understand where in project delivery challenges were occuring. 

The ability to clone a project template has been refined iteratively by PerfectMind’s project team for all projects and include links for certain steps of project delivery to document how to execute a task and indicate what supporting documents are needed.

During a period of rapid growth, hiring and training, having these project templates has also allowed PerfectMind to shorten onboarding time for new consultants.

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