If it wasn’t for Cloud Coach, we wouldn’t be able to advance and scale to the level we would like to be as an organization.

Stephen Cooper

Senior Director, Client Engagement 


SS&C is a leading global provider of mission-critical, cloud-based software and solutions for the financial and healthcare industries.

Industry: Computer Software
Employees: 10,000+


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Real-time billable hour reporting for invoicing

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Entire delivery team in one standardized solution

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Increased visibility into project processes 



Business functions across SS&C all worked in different systems despite needing to collaborate jointly on projects

Cloud Coach’s flexible solution can conform to the different needs of each contributing function and the type of work being done

The client services group worked a large number of engagements at a time and needed a solution to quickly identify and prioritize this work

Cloud Coach enables SS&C to be a projects-oriented organization. Every service request ties to a repeatable template that displays timelines and required resources. Formalizing these requests have dramatically improved planning and expectations for the business

SS&C lacked accurate reporting to show the utilization of their staff. The business had limited insight into resource productivity and whether certain members were being overworked

Cloud Coach allows the entire delivery organization to enter time from anywhere within Salesforce using flexible time entry widgets and an intuitive timesheet UI

SS&C Eze had limited visibility into the overall performance of their different service offerings

With every service being a project, traditional project metrics such as average duration, hours, margin, and estimates vs actuals has allowed SS&C to assess the performance of their service offerings for improvement and continuation 

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