“Cloud Coach brings everything together. Rather than just having one tool that sits over here for project management versus another tool for invoicing, Cloud Coach does it all.

Rick Rose

Director of Engineering


TechBridge is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization with one mission – to break the cycle of generational poverty through the innovative use of technology to transform nonprofit and community impact

Industry: Non-Profit
Employees: 51-200


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Time tracking is quick and easy for employees to enter

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Full overview of resources in a growing team

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Standardized, repeatable and scalable processes



TechBridge did not have a way to manage resources across different projects.

There was no way to view how utilized resources were and what sort of availability resources had on the bench, making it difficult to make decisions about assigning people to different projects.

TechBridge now has oversight of its resources, allowing the organization to make better data-led decisions.

“We’re able to pull reports so if there is a question we want to dig into and look at we’ve always been able to go find those answers without any problems,” said Rick Rose, Director of Engineering, TechBridge.

“When we started where there was just 2 or 3 of us on the delivery team and we have maybe 15 or 20 now, depending on how we count with contractors . We’ve been able to start to scale – and do that seamlessly.”

Techbridge’s existing time tracking tool was not integrated into Salesforce, making it hard to report. 

“Time tracking is one of the easier tools in Cloud Coach, just in terms of how many different ways there are to get your time in,” says Rick Rose.

“It’s very easy to go drag and drop in the interface. Time entry is something that nobody loves doing but it makes it as easy as possible!”

As a growing organization, TechBridge didn’t have a standard set of tools. Some were using Microsoft Project, others were managing their projects using Excel.

TechBridge has been able to standardize processes thanks to the templates available within Cloud Coach. Projects are now structured and everyone is now managing their projects from the same reportable platform.

“Because Cloud Coach is built on Salesforce like our delivery team, we have the ability to customize a lot. So if we want to build out a flow or report of integrate, we had our sales process already built out in Salesforce on opportunities,” explains Rick Rose.

“It means we can link that to the project – so we can see now how much budget there is, what’s been invoiced and whether someone has not paid their invoice.”

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