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“Being able to leverage another native solution that brings that power of Salesforce behind that app is a massive win for us. And as a Salesforce admin, I love the freedom that I have to automate and customize the processes as I see fit.”

Madeleine Coutanceau

Head of Enablement & APAC


ZINKT combines the power of Salesforce & Xactly Incent to give customers better visibility and control over their RevOps data.

Industry: Software
Employees: 0-50


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Time entry is now easily completed with My Day

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Managers can now easily see PTO requests and time sheets for approval

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Improved project transparency



ZINKT had disconnected project management processes for team members. Data from projects were kept in multiple different places.

Additionally, ZINKT had a cumbersome and time-consuming time tracking process.

ZINKT’s professional services and customer success tasks are now managed through Cloud Coach, using both Waterfall and Kanban projects.

Time sheets are now submitted through the appropriate project’s task’s phases, allowing billable and non-billable hours to be tracked.

ZINKT’s product release process was managed through separate systems which were disconnected from Salesforce.

Employees outside of the product team had no transparency into current and future Product Sprints.  

Project releases are now managed through a Water-Scrum-Fall project. Backlog items are tracked through a Kanban board, making it clear what work is available to be assigned to sprints.

Sprints are managed through phases in the project, and those phases are copied for each sprint as they are generated. Kanban boards are used to manage work for each of the sprints for the development work, and cards are moved from the backlog Kanban board through to the appropriate development boards as they’re allocated to sprints.

Work is then allocated to each release, which is now visible to everyone in the company, so ZINKT now knows exactly what work has been completed, or needs to be completed, by whom, and when. 

Any bug or enhancement requests coming from cases or from internal staff were being managed by disconnected systems with no clear communication to the rest of the company.

The Product team managed these separately and was the only team with visibility on where they were tracking.  

ZINKT has created screen flows to manage requests for the CS teams via cases for any bugs and enhancements.

Cards are then assigned to sprints as part of that fix or a new feature through the product process. And then cases with cards can now be reported on, making it clear to the CS team which sprint their requests have been allocated to so that customers can be made aware of those requests and how they’re tracking.

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