Cloud Coach launches Water-Scrum-Fall capabilities for Salesforce

Cloud Coach

May 18 2022 3 min read

Cloud Coach’s innovative Water-Scrum-Fall functionality blends agile and waterfall project management capabilities, helping organizations run projects in a way that matches how people work in practice

Colorado, May 18, 2022 – Cloud Coach, a Project Management, PSA & PPM solution provider built on the Salesforce platform, has today announced the release of its Water-Scrum-Fall project methodology, combining the best of waterfall and agile project management methodologies together for seamless customer project delivery.

Available in all Cloud Coach tiers, including Cloud Coach’s Starter tier which comes with five free users, Water-Scrum-Fall enables users to manage projects using a mixture of both Gantt-style timelines and Kanban boards.

Brianna Snook, Product Manager at Cloud Coach, said: “With so many organizations already running their projects as a hybrid of waterfall and agile methodologies, Water-Scrum-Fall ensures that everyone can manage projects in a way that suits their unique business needs.

“By combining classic waterfall capabilities, including dependencies, critical path, baselines and more, with agile kanban sprints, board processes and backlog management,  you can deliver projects with accuracy like never before, without forcing a one-size-fits-all methodology onto already pressured teams.”

Built natively on Salesforce, Cloud Coach Starter comes with a range of advanced project management features, including:

  • Easy-to-use project templates, getting you started quickly while following best practices
  • Time tracking on any Salesforce record
  • Real-time reporting with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards
  • Task assignment
  • Multiple project methodologies, including new Water-Scrum-Fall functionality

Peter Lee, CEO at Cloud Coach, said: “Many businesses have made significant investments in Salesforce but have yet to truly leverage the power of the platform within their organization for project management.

“By providing the flexibility needed to run any project with any team, Water-Scrum-Fall ensures businesses get more value from Salesforce, while also improving their project processes.”Cloud Coach Starter can be downloaded for free on Salesforce AppExchange here.


Cloud Coach

Cloud Coach specializes in enterprise-class project, PSA & PPM software built for businesses that want to make strategic investments in their success.

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Cloud Coach is secure and customisable platform for successfully delivering projects of all shapes and sizes.

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