Cloud Coach and the Salesforce Ecosystem

Brandi Johnson

Sep 13 2016 6 min read

Cloud Coach is excited to be a part of the Salesforce ecosystem – a community of businesses that are enabling 1.9 million new jobs and $389 billion in new revenue over the next five years. As a long-standing member of the community, we’re looking forward to continuing to contribute to this community that has changed how we all do business – every day.

Report Highlights

  • Beyond the 1.9 million direct jobs created, IDC estimates that the ecosystem will create more than 2.8 million indirect jobs, like those created in supply and distribution chains.
  • The Salesforce ecosystem is estimated to be three to four times bigger than Salesforce itself, including the ancillary products and services, including Cloud Coach.
  • Salesforce customers, on average, have experienced payback from their Salesforce technology investments in 13 months or less.

One of the most interesting facts in the report for Cloud Coach customers is the benefit to IT innovation by leveraging cloud computing technologies. According to IDC, this increase in IT innovation leads to accelerated development schedules, faster project completion, shorter time to market for new products, and lower operational costs.

In our eBook Improve IT Project Delivery, we discuss how IT departments can leverage the Salesforce App Cloud to develop new applications for their business while using Cloud Coach to manage those projects. Of course, there are also the thousands of applications available from the AppExchange to leverage to increase IT innovation as well.

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Salesforce at Cloud Coach

Not only is Cloud Coach a Salesforce Partner, but we also leverage Salesforce to manage our business. From sales through development, onboarding and support, we depend on Salesforce to give us visibility and accountability.

Here are just a few key touch points of Salesforce in our business lives:

  • We leverage Trailhead for new employee onboarding to get the basics of Salesforce.
  • Marketing campaigns are planned and tracked using Salesforce campaigns.
  • Our full sales cycle, from lead through closed opportunity is managed using Sales Cloud.
  • We use Cloud Coach for customer onboarding. We build customer success project plans for each new implementation, with milestones to ensure we’re meeting customer expectations and deliverables.
  • Our development team leverages cloud coach tools to prioritize projects, manage testing, and schedule releases.
  • Customer support requests are handled using Cloud Coach tickets.
  • We track all of our time in Salesforce so that we can identify opportunities for optimization, and ensure we’re using our time most effectively.

Partnering with the Salesforce Ecosystem

One of the biggest benefits to being a member of the Salesforce ecosystem is the network of other solution providers, consultants, and experts. It’s easy for our clients to integrate their Cloud Coach project management solutions with other key AppExchange products they depend on to run their business. Others leverage Cloud Coach to bridge the gap between the Sales and Service cloud.

We also work extensively with Consulting partners, who not only leverage Cloud Coach to manage their professional services but also as a product they can offer to their clients. Together, we’re helping companies run millions of projects a year, giving them better visibility and helping them to grow the world economy – one project at a time.

Cloud Coach is committed to being a partner in the Salesforce ecosystem – and we’re always looking for new partners to expand the network of users. If you’re interested in partnering with Cloud Coach, please send us an email at marketing @

Read the full IDC report
Read the Salesforce release


Brandi Johnson

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