Create Meeting Templates in Cloud Coach

Brandi Johnson

Feb 10 2016 3 min read

As a busy project manager, you may find yourself often having very similar types of meetings – such as project kick-off meetings or status update meetings. In the same way that you create project templates to streamline project creation and ensure that you’re following best practices, you can create meeting templates within Cloud Coach.

To create a new meeting template, I start within the productivity interface within Cloud Coach. In the navigation, I visit Setup > Meeting Templates.


First, I click on the plus sign in the left hand navigation, next to the “My Templates” header. I click on the paper icon to start a New Template.

ca 2

After clicking on New Template, I build my meeting template in the right hand side of the screen. I start by establishing my Meeting Name, Objective, and Attendees.

ca 3

Next, I create my meeting agenda. When I create my meeting agenda, I can also add notes to clarify what questions need to be asked within each agenda item. For example, in a project kickoff meeting, we may be discussing the project deadline. I can list “Project Deadline” and “Impact of Missed Deadline” as discussion points within a “Timeline” agenda item.

ca 4

Once I’m satisfied with my meeting agenda, I save my meeting template with the Save icon in the upper right corner.

ca 5
ca 6

Meeting templates can be organized into folders. To create a folder to save my template, I follow the same process as creating a new template, except I choose “New Folder” instead of “New Template.”

ca 7

I can now use my meeting templates to create new meetings throughout my business and project cycle, as well as to create automated meetings throughout the project process using Salesforce Process Builder.


Brandi Johnson

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