Creating a Project from Remedyforce

2 min read8th of June 2015

There are multiple ways that you can create a project in Cloud Coach from Remedyforce. One of these is directly from a Remedyforce Change Request.

In this example, we are on a Remedyforce Change Request called “New Portal”, which has a “Create Project” button.

cc6 2

Clicking “Create Project” moves us into a two-step wizard to create the new project. You can create a new project from the template, or create a new blank project.

The templates available to the user are determined based on the user access levels.

cc6 3

The second page of the wizard is where you create the name for your project, along with the project start date. You can customize this page to require any additional information that you need before creating a project.

cc6 4

The new project is automatically linked back to the Change request it was created from, making it easy for you to track the source of your projects, and to maintain an audit-trail of the request.

cc6 4 1

Integrating an IT Project Management solution with your BMC Remedyforce ITSM deployment helps you quickly create and manage projects based on your user’s needs.

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