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Do you need Professional Services Automation (PSA)?

4 min read17th of September 2015

As a business that delivers projects or services at the core of the business model, rather than a physical product, then you’ve likely encountered many of the problems that face modern service organizations. In particular, you may face challenges with project management, resource allocation, and scaling your business.

When you started, you could probably manage your business with emails, whiteboards, and call-across-the-office conversations. As you’ve grown, it’s become a series of spreadsheets, or external applications that don’t connect to each other, or use another third party application to do so.

With all of your information in all of these different disconnected places, how do you:

  • Deliver projects on time and within a budget?
  • Ensure that the proper resources are in place to deliver such projects?
  • Effectively report on project information in real time?
  • Ensure that project information is accessible at all times by anyone?
  • Ensure that employees focus on core responsibilities rather than administrative tasks
  • Efficiently manage the lifecycle of a service or project engagement?
  • Streamline key service or project processes for greater productivity?
  • Identify opportunities to grow the business?
  • Effectively bid on new opportunities with the right budget to achieve target ROI?

A professional PSA tool helps you answer all of these questions, moving your project management from chaos to efficiency.

Professional Service Automation software has evolved to help service organizations efficiently grow by streamlining and automating many of your administrative tasks. Good PSA software will also help you identify opportunities in your business for additional growth.

We approach professional services automation with three basic things in mind:

  • Integration: We developed Cloud Coach on Salesforce, the leading CRM platform, to allow you to track your projects from the moment the lead enters your business. From lead, to opportunity, to project, you can monitor the exact path that each project takes.
  • Visibility: You need to know more about your project than just the current status. In order to scale your business and measure your profitability, you need to be able to view and report on a wide variety of your metrics. Cloud Coach projects give you the option to report on any data captured by Cloud Coach.
  • Flexibility: With Cloud Coach, you can custom-define every project, or build your projects from templates, giving you the flexibility you need to manage your projects and grow your business. 

Ready to learn more? Learn more about Cloud Coach in the Salesforce AppExchange or Request a Demo today!   

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