Identifying Late Projects

Nic Widhalm

Jan 16 2017 5 min read

In this week’s two-minute video, the Cloud Coach team discuses how to identify and chase down late projects and tasks using the Cross Project Gantt view.


Hello everyone, Nic here from Cloud Coach. Thanks for joining us for this week’s two-minute video. Today we’re going to look at how you can identify late projects using Cloud Coach.

Let’s go ahead and hop on into our org. Okay, we’re going to start by looking at our projects tab here, and when we click on it it takes us to our Cross Project Gantt view. There are several different things we can view on the Cross Project Gantt view, starting with navigating through Salesforce list views. We can go here to ‘Strategic Projects,’ and when we go into our Cross Project Gantt view we’re going to get these flags that tell me right away if something is running late. You can see here we have ‘Late Tasks’ flag on a few of these, so I can navigate to them individually if I need to. But to do it even quicker than that I can go to my filter tasks click on that, say “show me late” and it’s going to automatically pull down just the ones with the late tasks on them.

Now, this just tells me which projects have late tasks; if I want to see what those late tasks are I’m going to need to go into the project. So, let’s go ahead and double click here on database build. We’re going to go into that project, and this is going to take me to the Project Gantt, but since we clicked on it while it was filtered with that late filter it pops up and it’s automatically filtered late and just showing me those late tasks. So, just by clicking there I’m able to go in and immediately see which tasks are late.

Next, I can go here to ‘Client Review’ and ‘Sign off.’ I can see that a little bit of work has been done on it, but it’s running late. I go over to Chatter and I can click ‘Request Status Update’ and now it’ll send a quick ‘Request Status Update’ chatter to everyone who’s been assigned to this task. So, that way I can just go down the line and I know what communication is happening on that chatter tab. I go to the next one, click on that and say give me a ‘Request Status Update’ and that way I can go ahead and send out a quick update to whoever is assigned to this task. And if I am the only one assigned to this task, like in this case Dustin who is my user’s the only one assigned then nothing’s going to happen.

So, an easy, quick way that you can use your Cross Project Gantt View in conjunction with the late filter and your Project Gant to chase down and identify those late project tasks. Thanks again for joining us today, and have a great week, everyone.


Nic Widhalm

Nic is the Global VP, Customer Experience, at Cloud Coach

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