Efficent Resource Management

Improve Execution with Efficient Resource Management

3 min read27th of April 2016

As an IT leader responsible for delivering projects and services that drive your business forward, efficient resource management is a key component for sucess. In order to adequately manage your limited team time, you need easy-to-use systems that allow you find and assign appropriate resources to complete project tasks and accurately forecast future capacity.

Key Resource Management Challenges:

  • Unrealistic capacity expectations negatively impact project delivery
  • Lack of visibility into resource load leads to over-allocation and inefficient execution
  • Decentralized resource requests create schedule conflicts
  • Team members are assigned to complete tasks without the needed skills or availability

Here’s how Cloud Coach can help with resource management:

  • Capacity Planning:
    • Visualize your capacity by skills across your organization, identifying areas of risk for over- and under-utilized resources.
    • Forecast future availability for project and operational requests and provide accurate project delivery timelines based on resource availability.
    • Make resource management processes more consistent, effective, and automated – freeing up resource and project manager time for more strategic work.
  • Resource Load:
    • Visualize how busy your resources are, including project work, ITSM work, and out of office considerations.
    • Drill into the details of how your resources are being used to identify opportunities for increased department efficiency.
    • Ensure that your resources are appropriately allocated to maximize time investments to support strategic business objectives.
  • Resource Requests:
    • Get a comprehensive view of resource utilization and future capacity with a centralized repository for resource requests – including non-project work and time off requests.
    • Evaluate the impact of a resource request on long term business objectives before approving the request.
    • Reserve resource allocations for important projects to ensure you have the capacity you need.
  • Skills-Based Resourcing:
    • Assign skills and locations to team members in order to find the right person to complete project work.
    • Report on resource availability by skill to ensure you have the right capacity to complete projects.
    • Identify which skills are most in demand for future project prioritization and hiring decisions.

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