How can I see what my team is working on?

Brandi Johnson

May 19 2017 4 min read

When you’re managing a team or allocating resources, sometimes you need to know what else a team member has on their plate before you assign them to work on that next task. When you run projects using Cloud Coach Milestones, it’s easy to see what other members of your team are working on.

My Assignments

The My Assignments page does more than just give you the ability to view your own project task assignments. You can also see the assignments of your team using the “Select User to View” button on the right-hand side of your screen.

My Assignments   Select User to View 1024x358
These views show you all the tasks assigned to that user, in timeline, board or list view.
timeline view
board view
list view

With these views, you can see what tasks have been assigned, from which projects, along with the task start and end dates, as well as the percentage complete and the task status. With all of this information, you can start to determine if your team member has the capacity to take on the task.

Assignment Reporting

If you’d like to see project task assignments across multiple team members, then you may want to turn to reports rather than the My Assignments page. Out of the box, you can use the report “Milestone Assignments with Late Tasks” to see who has tasks that are running late, and what those tasks are.

Milestone Assignments with Late Tasks 1024x508

Another ready-to-use report is “Milestone Assignments by Task.” On this report, you can see all of the project tasks that have been assigned to each team member, by task status. This gives you a quick visual review of how busy each person on your team has been.

Milestone Assignments by Task 1024x479

Since Cloud Coach Milestones is built with the Salesforce AppCloud, you can also create custom reports that allow you to see exactly the details you need – from the number of outstanding tasks by team member, or the number of tasks completed by each team member to help measure performance.

Can I rely on this to know how busy my team really is? 

Of course, each system is only as good as the information that your team gives it. That’s why we recommend picking one project management system for all of your projects and project communication. When you rely on one system, it’s easier to ensure that everything is always up-to-date, and you have the information you need to make critical business decisions.

If you need additional visibility into resource capacity planning, Cloud Coach Enterprise and Cloud Coach Ultimate editions provide tools for skills-based resourcing, including resource load and resource capacity planning tools.


Brandi Johnson

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