We removed project creation limits in cloud coach milestones

We Removed Project Creation Limits in Cloud Coach Milestones

3 min read16th of January 2018

After talking to hundreds of Cloud Coach Milestones users, we’ve heard you – loud and clear. You want to be able to do even more with your project management software. In response, we’ve removed project creation and template creation limits.

You can now create an unlimited number of projects and project templates with this free project management solution for Salesforce. Additional benefits include:

  • Launch projects directly from Salesforce records, including accounts, opportunities, and cases
  • Build projects from scratch or use your best-practice templates
  • Assign team members to complete project tasks
  • Use sub-tasks to add additional details to project work

Plus, Cloud Coach Milestones allows you to manage your projects using either waterfall or agile views at the click of a button. This powerful hybrid functionality lets each of your team members use the view that’s best for them.

“After speaking with hundreds of Cloud Coach Milestones users, we learned that they wanted to be able to power more projects than the original limits allowed. By removing these limits, we’re empowering our customers to take control of their business growth by running all of their business projects in Salesforce,” said Peter Lee, CEO of Cloud Coach.

Cloud Coach Milestones is available at no-cost for organizations using Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher. Cloud Coach Milestones leverages existing Salesforce licenses, providing a robust <and affordable project management solution.

Learn more or download Cloud Coach Milestones from the Salesforce AppExchange today!

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