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Why Attend “Run Your Projects on Salesforce – Live”?

4 min read27th of December 2017

When you’re investing hundreds or thousands of dollars on a software package, it’s probably a no-brainer to attend their user conference to expand your skill set and maximize your ROI. But, what about when you’re using free software, like Cloud Coach Milestones?

Here are five reasons you should attend the Cloud Coach conference Run Your Projects on Salesforce – Live:

  • Improve your project management skills. With an entire track dedicated to best practices, you will learn how to streamline project kick-off, best practices for resource management, and how to keep your stakeholders not only in the loop but engaged in your project.
  • Save time by automating your systems. In our configuration track, you’ll learn how to leverage Cloud Coach on the Salesforce platform to streamline your processes. In the end, you’ll be able to tackle utilizing record types, develop KPI reports for your Exec team, and to automate project creation.
  • Get inspired by business use cases. Learn how other Cloud Coach customers are leveraging Cloud Coach to support their business. Go back to the office with ideas on how you can improve your organization.
  • Expand your network. At the Cloud Coach conference, you won’t just hear how others are leveraging Cloud Coach within their businesses. You have the opportunity to interact with other users and the Cloud Coach team, developing relationships that go far beyond the sessions.
  • Learn when to grow. Cloud Coach Milestones is just the beginning of project management in Salesforce. By attending the user conference, you’ll learn what additional functionality is available in other Cloud Coach editions. That way, when your company grows, you’ll already know how Cloud Coach can grow with you.

There’s one additional consideration. Many of the features in Cloud Coach Milestones are only available in expensive tools. With the money you’ve saved on the software, what better than investing it in training and support to help grow your business.

Isn’t growth worth the investment?

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