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Launching Projects from Salesforce Cases

3 minutes to read10th of March 2017

Cases are commonly used in Salesforce to manage a variety of customer interactions after an opportunity has closed. Each case that your team handles is an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers (and even potentially grow revenue).

There are times that case takes more than sharing information from an existing knowledge base. It may take a team working together to solve a problem.

For those instances, it’s better to run your case as a project. With solutions like Cloud Coach Milestones, it’s easy to integrate projects with your case management to give you the detailed action plans you need, along with improved visibility into how you’re handling your customer’s needs.

Let’s take a look at how we can integrate projects with cases using Cloud Coach Milestones.

We’ll start by adding the projects related list to cases. 

Now on my Case “related” page, I can create a new project, either from scratch or a template.

Using projects, you can create tasks, assign people to work on those tasks, and track your timeline, all within your Salesforce Org.
And, because of our related list, your case managers can quickly see the status of the project, directly from the case page.

Of course, you can speed this process by using project templates for common cases, and even leverage automation to create the projects without your intervention.

With Cloud Coach Enterprise edition, you can take your case projects a step further, with benefits like project cost analysis (so you can see how much each case resolution costs), time tracking (to measure how long you’re working on each case), and resource allocations, so you know how busy each member of your team truly is.

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