Manage Client Retainers

Brandi Johnson

Aug 5 2015 4 min read

Learn how to easily manage your client retainers with Cloud Coach

Retainers are a way for professional service companies to provide clients with a bucket of professional services from which they can draw down.

There are two basic kinds of retainers: one time, and recurring.

With a one time retainer, the retainer is drawn down until it is completely used up, similar to a pre­paid cell phone or gift card. A one time retainer can be used for tracking delivery against a single T&M engagement for a customer.

A recurring retainer refreshes on a regular basis with a new amount of time or service available to the client, similar to a standard monthly data plan for a cell phone. Recurring retainers are often used for tracking an annual customer premium support plan.

Using a One Time Retainer in your Business

1. Create agreed hours or spend for the client, from either a cost or hours basis.

Retainers 1

2. Attach client deliverables to the retainer.

Retainers 2

3. Complete the client deliverables while tracking your time.

Retainers 3

4. The client retainer will be updated automatically, allowing you to see the hours used against the retainer and how many are remaining.

Retainers 4

Using a Recurring Retainer in your Business 

1. Create a monthly spend & indicate rollover capability. Rollover means that if they don’t use everything in one month, you can carry over what they haven’t spent.

Retainers 5

2. Attach deliverables such as premium support tickets to the retainer and track time (Cloud Coach applies these costs automatically using your rate cards.)

Retainers 6

3. At the end of each time period, the retainer is “recharged” automatically and the balance either reset or added based on your rollover capability.

Retainers 7

Using Skill Based Retainers 

Skill­based retainers allow you to become more granular and specific in your retainers. For example, you may allocate a specific number of hours (or amount of cost) from a business analyst or project manager. Skill based retainers can be either one­time or recurring retainers.

Retainers 8

When you use a skill based retainer, the skill allotments of the retainers are updated according to the skill type of the project that tasks that time & costs are captured against.

Retainers 9

Whether you are looking for project management, or professional services automation tools on the Salesforce platform, Cloud Coach has the tools for you. Request a demo today and learn how you can more quickly and efficiently manage your business, leveraging the Salesforce platform.


Brandi Johnson

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