Manage Your Projects in a Single View

Nic Widhalm

Dec 9 2016 5 min read

In this week’s two-minute use case, we take a look at two ways you can view and manage all your projects in a single view. With these single views, you can quickly see all of the projects affecting your work.


Hello everyone, Nic from Cloud Coach here, and in this week’s Two Minute Drill we’re gonna be taking a look at how you can see all of your projects in a single view. I’m going to hop right into my org here. Now, the first way you can see these are through our projects tab right here, which takes to us to our Cross-Project Gantt view. This is all sortable by a list view, so right here I can decide which projects I want to see in this view. We can easily switch here to something like strategic projects, and since this is driven through a Salesforce list view I can easily edit this. So, these are all the projects I want to see. Now, let’s say I want to go ahead and create a new list view—I’m going to just click on “New” right there. I can make something like “Projects with Health Yellow” just like that. I can also decide on the kind of filter criteria I want, and in this case we’re going to go ahead and pick our health equals yellow. Now I can select I can who’s going to see this list view; for now we’re going to only have this available for me. Click Save right there and now it automatically pulls up that Cross-Project Gantt view with everything that’s yellow. A really easy way to see all my projects at once. The second way to all your projects is through a related list, which you can do on any standard or custom object. So, let’s take a look at how we can do that with an Opportunity. We have an opportunity here, and we’ve been launching a few projects off this. If we scroll down we can see the related list of all our projects in one single view. Now, I want to do a little work on these so I’m going to just click on the “Show Gantt” button right there, and automatically pull up that same Cross-Project Gantt that let me see all of my projects at once in this single view. Now I’m ready to do any kind of work that I need to do right here on this particular project. So, a couple of simple ways that you can go ahead and see all of your projects in one single view.  Thanks so much for joining us today, and if you have any questions please email us at [email protected]. And make sure to come back next week for our next Two Minute Drill Thanks everyone.

Nic Widhalm

Nic is the Global VP, Customer Experience, at Cloud Coach

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Cloud Coach is secure and customisable platform for successfully delivering projects of all shapes and sizes.

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