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3 minutes to read14th of October 2015

For any project, you are likely to have any number of meetings, from kick-off meetings, to client updates, and testing reviews. The details from these meetings are important documentation that relate to the project. Cloud Coach, along with Productivity Fox, make it easy to manage these meetings, and connect the meeting back to the project.

Creating a Meeting from a Project
You can quickly create a new meeting from a project by clicking the new meeting button on the project object page.

When you create a new meeting, the Productivity Fox meeting interface opens. From here, you can set your meeting objective, and agenda, and invite attendees. The meeting is already associated with your project.

During the meeting, add meeting minutes and action items. Your meeting participants can see the minutes and action items in real time. All of these details are saved within the meeting record – which you can access from the project screen.

You can also email the minutes of the meeting to your attendees or other stakeholders.

After the meeting is over, follow-up on action items with just a few button clicks, rather than sending dozens of emails.

Productivity Fox meetings are not limited to just Cloud Coach projects. As a Cloud Coach subscriber, you can run any meeting in your organization using these meeting tools. From HR department meetings to requirements gathering with new clients, using Productivity Fox meetings helps make it easier for you to keep track of your daily work.

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