Project Resourcing in Cloud Coach

Brandi Johnson

Jun 22 2015 5 min read

Project resourcing is the process of adding team members to complete project tasks. In Cloud Coach, resourcing is both skill and location based.

In our organization, we have skills for “Designer,” “Tester,” and “Business Analyst.” We have team members located in England or the USA.

Now that we have created the skills and locations, we assign these to the team members. Charlotte, one of our team members has both Designer and Tester skills, and is located in England.

After resources, or team members, are set up with their skills, they can be assigned to a project. This can be done using quick-subscribe for the full project, or assigning resources to tasks individually.

Project-Wide Resource Allocation
The quickest way to assign resources to the project is using the Cloud Coach “Quick Subscribe” function. This lets us assign resources at a project level based on the skills required. If you’re using project templates, you can assign the skills required to the template to make resource allocation even easier.

In the first column, we see the skills required on this project – in this case, a business analyst, a designer, and a tester. The second column displays all of the tasks on the project matching each skill.

The third column shows us who from our team has the skills needed to work on the tasks.

cc6 11

By clicking on the user’s image, Cloud Coach brings up a table showing the weeks during the project that the tasks occur, and the projects that this task will require. This gives us a picture of how the user’s week will look if we subscribe them to this project.

cc6 12

Once you’ve identified the resources that you want to assign to the project, you can drag the user’s photo from “Skill Matching Users” to “Subscribed Users.”

cc6 13

You can assign multiple resources to the work type. Once you’ve finished assigning resources, click the fully-subscribed button to indicate that all of the resources required have been assigned.

Individual Task Assignments
From the Gantt view you can see the resource assignment status of individual tasks. Green resourcing icons show next to the tasks that we have already assigned resources to, and red icons appear next to the tasks without assigned resources.

To assign a resource to a specific task, click on the resourcing icon next to the task. This opens the resourcing page for the task.

cc6 14

Just like the on the quick-subscribe page, the team members how match the skill needed for the task appear, along with their availability to work on the task.

To assign a team member to the task, mark the “Subscribed” checkbox. When you do, you’ll be able to see the user’s availability to work on the task, and how it will impact on their overall workload.

Click Save to confirm your resource assignments for the task.

Task Collaboration Using Chatter
By assigning a resource to a particular task, it also assigns that team member as a follower in Chatter for that particular task. We can now have all of our project delivery conversations and store all of our related documentation directly on the project without important information getting lost in email.


Brandi Johnson

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