Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein and Project Management

3 min read19th of September 2016

Today’s announcement of Salesforce Einstein brings the power of artificial intelligence to every Salesforce user. It makes Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM – and along with it, the opportunity for Salesforce ecosystem partners like Cloud Coach to provide the smartest tools to help you drive your business forward.

Salesforce Einstein’s models leverage machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to deliver smarter, more personalized and more predictive customer experiences. It’s models are customized for every user, and gets smarter with every interaction and piece of data.

Unlike other AI solutions, Salesforce Einstein is more than just a collection of “bring your own data” algorithms. It leverages the collective real-time data and signals that Salesforce has collected over years to build models and make predictions, recommendations and automate processes.

While AI and Salesforce Einstein have the potential to dramatically change sales, service, and marketing processes, we also see substantial opportunities to revolutionize project and resource management processes in the future. With the power of AI, you can automatically apply the expertise gathered from previous project and resource performance to make better planning decisions.

Salesforce, Einstein, and Cloud Coach will work together seamlessly within the context of your business to automatically help you discover relevant insights, predict future outcomes and proactively recommend the next best actions to improve your customer onboarding.

Imagine predictive project management that can alert you before your project goes off track, help you pick the right resource to get the task done in the right amount of time, provide insights to plan for future growth – and all without any sleepless nights, endless spreadsheets, or complex queries.

This is the power of Salesforce Einstein.

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