Share Your Love: Writing Reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange

4 min read15th of December 2016

If there’s an app in your Salesforce org that you use every day, or just quietly makes your life easier in the background, one of the easiest ways that you can say “thank you” to that app developer is by writing a review in the Salesforce AppExchange. Not only does a review help give your favorite apps more visibility, they also help other customers (just like you) find the apps that will help them solve their business needs.

Writing a review is easy.

1. Log in to the AppExchange.

Log in to the AppExchange 1024x290

2. Find the app that you want to review.

3. Click on “Reviews.” Then select “Write a Review.”

Click on Reviews 1024x197

4. Enter your review in the available space, and submit. Its that easy!

Write your review 1024x327

Here are some tips for writing a useful review:

  1. Provide as many details as possible. Be specific about the problem you were hoping to solve, and how this application helped you. When applicable, you may also want to mention your industry, if the application works across multiple industries.
  2. Create a descriptive title. We all know that most people skim web pages, not read them. So a good, descriptive title can help break through the clutter and help other users find the reviews that are useful for them.
  3. Be fair and honest. Consider both sides when writing a review. It may be tempting to go out and write a scathing review of an application because it didn’t work quite the way you expected, without giving the support team a chance to answer your questions or help you with configuration. Consider both sides when writing your review, and give application developers a chance to respond to your challenges before you air the grievances to the world.

So, the next time you’re thankful for your CPQ solution or integrated document management tools, spend a few minutes to write a review in the Salesforce AppExchange. You’ll help the developers who worked so hard to develop the solution, as well as your other Salesforce users who are facing the same challenges that you once were.

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