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The Salesforce Economy – Creating 1 million jobs by 2018

3 min read4th of November 2015

Last week, Salesforce unveiled new research from IDC that analyzed the economic impact of Salesforce on local economies in the United States and around the world. The results indicate we’re on the cusp of a massive economic opportunity driven by the cloud.

A few quick stats:

  • By 2018, Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners (including Cloud Coach) will create 1 million jobs, and generate $272 billion in GDP impact worldwide.
  • These jobs will create another 1.5 million indirect jobs, in positions like supply and distribution chains, and as employees spend money in the general economy.
  • Many companies choose multiple types of add-on products and services from Salesforce partners, contributing to this astounding global economy.

Why this matters to you:

  • The average payback for a Salesforce cloud investment is approximately 13 months.
  • The IDC Salesforce Economic Impact model shows that over a four-year period, the return can be 4-5 times the original customer’s investment.
  • Sixty percent of customers using cloud computing report that the largest benefits come from increased revenue driven by the addition of new customers, as well as improvement in customer retention.

As a Cloud Coach subscriber, you can drive even more value from your Salesforce investment by integrating project management. As we’ll discuss in an upcoming blog series, for every $10 spent on a failed project $1.35 is lost forever – and 17% of projects fail outright. Implementing a project management solution on the Salesforce platform can not only speed your average payback time, and increase your ROI.

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