Use Task Health to Keep Projects on Track

Use Task Health to Keep Projects on Track

3 min read17th of March 2017

When you’re managing a project and trying to meet a deadline, the status of each task is important – especially when those tasks are on your critical path. If you’re leveraging Cloud Coach to manage projects in your Salesforce org, you can easily monitor task health directly from your project views. We use a simple “red light / green light” indicator

A green icon indicates that your task is on track, while a red circle shows that your task has gotten off track. It can either be red because it’s starting late, or ending late. Tasks that start and end late can affect your project timeline and overall performance!

On the Gantt view, you see these icons just to the left of the task name.

Task health   Gantt View 1024x520
If you’re using the board view to manage your tasks, there is a health icon next to the task due date on each card.
Board View   Task Health 1024x680
In project task list view, the icon is to the left of the task name.
List View    Project Task Health 1024x561
Plus, in the management panel to the right hand side of any view, you can see why the task is either red or green.
Router Repair  Gantt Chart   Salesforce

Once you see that a task is putting your project at risk, you can take appropriate action steps to follow up or get the work done to get your project back on track.

Since Cloud Coach is native on the Salesforce platform, you can leverage key Salesforce functionality like Process Builder to alert the team as task health changes – whether you want to notify the project owner, the task owner, or both.

While these statuses are set by default in Cloud Coach Milestones (available for free from the Salesforce AppExchange), when you upgrade to Cloud Coach Enterprise or Ultimate, you can define your own business rules to set your task health status.

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