Using Project Templates to Streamline Marketing Campaigns

Brandi Johnson

Feb 17 2017 3 min read

One of the powerful things about Salesforce is the visibility it gives you into your prospect to customer pipeline. When your marketing team leverages campaigns to plan their efforts, you’ll start to see how the marketing activities help move prospects through your funnel.

Ask any marketer and you’ll find out that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes of any campaign. Whether it’s something as seemingly simple as an email newsletter to your existing prospect base, or as complicated as coordinating a multi-day tradeshow, there are a lot of moving parts to coordinate.

That’s where an integrated project management solution can help. Let’s take a look at how using project templates can help streamline execution of your standard marketing campaigns.

Step 1: Identify your routine marketing projects. In today’s example, we’ll look at an email newsletter.

Step 2: Create your project template. Consider the steps you need to take in order to accomplish the objective, and in what order things need to happen. Here’s an example of how your sample project template may look. 

Email Promotion Project Template 1024x472

Step 3: Add the project related list to your campaign page.

Add Projects to Campaign Related List 1024x460

Step 4: Create your new campaign. Nothing new here – just create your new campaign in Salesforce.

Step 5: Launch a project from your campaign. With your new related list, you can launch a project directly from your campaign page.

Launch a proejct from your related list 1024x351

It’s that simple to get started with managing marketing projects within your Salesforce org. Of course, you can also increase the automation with tools like Process Builder to automatically launch the projects based on the campaign type and more.

Don’t have a project management solution in Salesforce? You can get started today with Cloud Coach Milestones for free. Learn more >>


Brandi Johnson

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