Unlock Success with Cloud Coach Customer Success

Tired of struggling to retain customers and reacting to problems instead of proactively addressing them? Take control of your accounts and maximize their value as never before.

Cloud Coach Customer Success


The Evolution of Customer Success

Shift from reactive to proactive account management with Cloud Coach Customer Success. Get real-time insights, customize solutions, and streamline your workflow—all within Salesforce.

Real-Time Insights for Action

Get ahead of issues with real-time account health scorecards from Cloud Coach Customer Success. Whether it’s declining satisfaction, engagement, or relationships, you’ll know when to intervene to keep your accounts on track.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Every business is unique, and Cloud Coach Customer Success understands that. Customize our platform to fit your specific needs, whether you’re managing a handful of accounts or hundreds.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Streamline your workflow with Cloud Coach Customer Success. Access everything you need in one unified platform within Salesforce, from tracking meetings and emails to managing tasks and stakeholders.

Empower Your Customer Success Team

The ultimate account management solution tailored for Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Account Managers. With our platform, you’ll effortlessly track account goals, tickets, and stakeholders, gaining invaluable insights into the entire customer journey, from initial onboarding to seamless renewal, all while ensuring detailed tracking of Customer Interactions.

Key Features


Key stats at a glance

Our customer health scorecards in Salesforce provide a comprehensive view of a customer’s overall health, all from a single view.

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Never miss the big picture

The Account View’s insights means your team can provide the proactive  support needed to drive long-term customer satisfaction and retention.


Track health and responsibilities

With so many projects on the go, it’s essential that you keep track of your key players! See who is involved, record any changes to your key stakeholders and even record important customer health metrics..

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All meetings in one place


section for all meetings and minutes

Never lose your customer meeting notes again, with Cloud Coach’s minutes and meetings in My Day. You can search meetings for keywords, filter by date range or action status, and even create a new meeting in just a couple of clicks.


Record billable or non-billable customer work

Some businesses want to track time on project based deliverables, some on customer service, and others on sales effort. Cloud Coach accommodates all those needs and more l

Track Time Your Way

Want to see Cloud Coach Customer Success in action?

With Cloud Coach Customer Success, you can maximize the lifetime value of every account and drive growth for your business. Say hello to proactive account management and goodbye to reactive firefighting.

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