Cloud Coach Fundamentals
Frequently Asked Questions

When does support for Cloud Coach Fundamentals end?

Support for Cloud Coach Fundamentals will end in June 2022

Can I still use Cloud Coach Fundamentals when support ends?

Cloud Coach Fundamentals may still work for a while, BUT there are no guarantees the Fundamentals package will continue to function in your org and you may lose the ability to interact with your projects

Is it easy to move from Cloud Coach Fundamentals to Cloud Coach Starter?

We’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you with a migration script that moves your projects and tasks to the new solution, once you have installed Cloud Coach Starter

Can you help us migrate?

There is a link in the self install guide to our regular Q&A webinars where you can ask your own questions. If you need more hands-on support we can put you in touch with one of our partners to help you make the switch.

Why are you replacing Cloud Coach Fundamentals with Cloud Coach Starter?

We’re leveraging the latest in Salesforce technology to allow us to bring our two product lines together into one. Which for you as an end user allows you to move between our tiers with a simple one click upgrade.

Do you have an alternative or replacement?

We do, Cloud Coach Starter which has greatly enhanced functionality, speed and capability over Fundamentals

Sounds great, any downsides?

Cloud Coach Starter is free for your first 10 users, but beyond that you will need to pay for additional users. Contact [email protected] for more information on pricing.

What work will we need to do?

You will need to re-create any automations you have built around the Fundamentals objects on the Starter objects, along with re-creating any custom reports you have created.

Here is our Cloud Coach Starter self install guide which contains lots of useful information including links to our regular Q&A webinars

We use the Salesforce Professional edition, is that a problem?

Unfortunately Cloud Coach Starter only runs on Salesforce Enterprise edition or above. If you run Salesforce Professional edition you would need to upgrade to run Cloud Coach Starter

What are some of the product enhancements with Cloud Coach Starter?

There are many, starting with access to 4 types of project methodology as opposed to 1 in Fundamentals. Time tracking available for every user (no longer a paid upgrade), and enhanced tools for your PM’s including multi-level WBS, 4 dependency types, and an overall faster UI and user experience

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