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Cloud Coach’s four tiers of project management tools deliver exactly what you need to plan and execute projects successfully. Based on over ten years of customer-driven research, Cloud Coach includes the most important capabilities people like you depend on to get the job done fast and accurately. Don’t let the lack of price tag fool you, Starter delivers many of the features other vendors charge for!

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Create Projects

From your favorite SF records

Whether it’s an onboarding project after an opportunity closes, or tradeshow planning for a marketing campaign, Cloud Coach Starter lets you launch projects directly from your favorite Salesforce records.

  • Create projects from opportunities
  • Launch directly from campaigns
  • Manage cases as projects
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

Use Project Templates

To follow best practices
If you’re like most businesses, you might run the same process over and over. That’s where project templates come in, allowing you to follow your best practices every time. You can even automate project creation from templates using Process Builder.
  • Create 10 best-practice project templates
  • Update templates with lessons-learned
  • Streamline launch using Process Builder
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

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See Your Projects

In the view that works for you

Whether you prefer working with a Gantt style timeline or a Kanban board, Cloud Coach Starter allows you to view your project in multiple ways. And if you have trouble making your mind up, changing between views is as simple as clicking a button.

  • Traditional Gantt views give you a timeline view
  • Agile boards with drag-and-drop updates
  • Or view all tasks in a spreadsheet like list view
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

Assign Project Tasks

To your team
You’re probably not planning on working on projects alone, so we’ve made it easy for you to assign project tasks to your team. You can even add resources to your project templates for even quicker assignment of work.
  • Assign work to individual team members
  • See at-a-glance which tasks are unassigned
  • Use templates to speed up resource allocations
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

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See All Your Tasks

In one place
No matter how many projects you are working on at any one time, your ‘Task Assignments’ view gives you a single place to see all the tasks you have assigned to you accross every project. Better still, you can pick your favorite way to see your work from timeline, board or list views.
  • See what is due when with timeline views
  • Drag-and-drop to updates on the Kanban board
  • See a more information with the list view
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

Keep Track of Progress

Across all your projects
Leverage related lists and list views to get an instant visualization of how all your projects are progressing in a single easy to customize cross (multi) project progress view.
  • Easily customize what you see with list views
  • Personalized views for each user
  • Track progress on multiple projects in one view
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

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Report On All Your KPIs

In real time

All your Starter project data can be accessed through the reports and dashboards in Salesforce that you already use. There’s no need to learn new skills to report on your project KPIs.

  • Use our out-of-the box reports and dashboards
  • Create your own custom reports
  • Add project reports to Executive Dashboards
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

Classic Or Lightning

Runs seamlessly in either interface

Already using Lightning, or still in Salesforce Classic? Cloud Coach Starter runs seamlessly in both interfaces. You don’t need to worry about your adoption timeline – your project management solution is ready to transition with you.

  • Single-page project management
  • Easy to implement and install
  • Works for your entire organization*
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Available in Cloud Coach Starter Tier & Above

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