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Cloud Coach Team builds upon & adds to the great  capabilities that you get with our always FREE Fundamentals tier, putting you in the driver’s seat to Project Success.

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Projects into phased deliverables

As the needs of your business grow, it’s natural to want to create larger projects and organize them into grouped deliveries along the way. Introduced with our Team tier ‘Phases’ allow you to

  • Organize tasks into groups of work
  • Plan and visualize phased delivery
  • Use phases to track milestones
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Available in Cloud Coach Team Tier & Above

Meet Better

And save yourself time

Bring visibility & clarity to your projects, by planning and capturing your meeting minutes and action items from right within Cloud Coach. Using meeting templates to follow best practices and add coaching notes to help new team members get up to speed fast:

  • Automate your meeting process
  • Use coaching notes to help your team
  • Track action items to completion
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Available in Cloud Coach Team Tier & Above

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Share Information

With your customers

When your delivering client facing projects why not bring your customers into the picture with our external view and communities support you can: 

  • Provide a license free view of a project 
  • Share project updates in real time 
  • Share your project meeting minutes
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Available in Cloud Coach Team Tier & Above


The capacity of your team

Using Fundamentals you can already assign out your project tasks to your team. Building on that in 2020 capacity based resourcing is coming for your Team users including:

  • View gaps in your assignments
  • See capacity across your team
  • Block your users time for key projects
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Available in Cloud Coach Team Tier & Above

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Track Time

On any Salesforce record

Capture, measure and report on the time you are spending on project delivery and more, with the most user friendly time tracking on the planet:

  • Track project related time
  • Track time spent on cases
  • Route timesheets for approval
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Available in Cloud Coach Team Tier & Above 

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