Cloud Coach Vs Certinia PS Cloud

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Cloud Coach and Certinia both offer robust PSA solutions, but Cloud Coach emerges as the clear leader in several critical aspects. Reviewers unanimously praise Cloud Coach for its intuitive user interface, making it easier to set up and administer compared to Certinia. This user-friendly approach translates into increased efficiency and productivity for teams, ultimately driving better outcomes for businesses.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Cloud Coach takes the lead once again. Customers overwhelmingly prefer Cloud Coach for its ability to meet their specific business needs effectively. Additionally, Cloud Coach’s commitment to providing exceptional ongoing product support further solidifies its position as the preferred choice among users. With dedicated support teams ready to assist, customers can trust Cloud Coach to address their needs promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, Cloud Coach’s continuous innovation and transparent roadmap direction set it apart from Certinia. Customers appreciate Cloud Coach’s proactive approach to feature updates and enhancements, ensuring that the platform remains aligned with evolving industry trends and customer requirements. This commitment to innovation instills confidence in customers, reaffirming Cloud Coach’s position as the premier PSA solution in the market.

Cloud Coach Vs Certinia PS Cloud on G2

Compare Certinia
  • Cloud Coach
  • Certinia PS Cloud
Cloud CoachCertinia PS Cloud
G2 Rating4.6 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars
Meets Requirements 8.88.3
Ease of Setup 8.47.9
Ease of Use 7.66.8
Ease of Admin 8.27.2
Quality of Support 9.18.1
Product Direction 9.68.7

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Let's Compare Features

Comparing Certinia
  • Cloud Coach
  • Certinia PS Cloud
Cloud CoachCertinia PS Cloud
Client Portal8.38.0
Project Planning 8.88.7
Resource Management 8.88.6
Capacity 8.3n/a
Scheduling 8.4n/a
Revenue Recognition7.78.1
Budget Tracking8.38.5
Resource Management8.88.6
Portfolio Performance8.58.2
Performance and Reliability9.18.6

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Reasons Why Customers Choose Cloud Coach

Native Salesforce Integration

Cloud Coach offers seamless integration with Salesforce, allowing users to leverage their existing Salesforce infrastructure and data. This integration streamlines processes and enhances efficiency by consolidating all project management and professional services activities within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Comprehensive Functionality

Cloud Coach provides a comprehensive suite of features for project management, resource planning, scheduling, collaboration, risk management, PSA (Professional Services Automation), time tracking, billing, project accounting, and portfolio management. 

Enhanced Visibility and Collaboration

Cloud Coach enhances visibility and collaboration by offering robust reporting and external sharing capabilities. Users can generate insightful reports and share them externally, fostering collaboration with customers and stakeholders. 

The #1 software to manage your full PSA on Salesforce

ProjectandPortfolioManagement BestSupport Small Business QualityOfSupport
ProfessionalServicesAutomation HighPerformer Americas HighPerformer
ProfessionalServicesAutomation HighPerformer HighPerformer
ProjectManagement HighPerformer Mid Market Americas HighPerformer
ProjectandPortfolioManagement EasiestToDoBusinessWith Mid Market EaseOfDoingBusinessWith

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