What are the different ways that I can look at my Milestones project?

by Brandi Johnson

In most situations, saying “yes” to one thing means we have to say “no” to something else. As a Cloud Coach Milestones user, that’s not true when it comes to your project views. You can choose from a timeline, board or list view for each project. Plus, you can seamlessly switch between the views any time.

View 1: Timeline or Gantt View

A timeline or Gantt view allows you to see all of your project tasks in a horizontal timeline view. With the Gantt view, it’s easy to see which tasks compose your critical path (i.e., the series of tasks that create your overall project timeline). Plus, you can easily see task dependencies to ensure your team focuses on the tasks that impact your project timeline and delivery.

View 2: Board or Kanban View

On the included board or Kanban view, each task appears as a card in a status column. The available statuses are Not Started, In Progress, Complete, and On-Hold. With the board view, you can drag and drop cards to update the task status.

View 3: List View

Of course, no project management tool would be complete without a task list view. With a traditional list view, you can see additional details about each task, including duration, start and end dates, and task status.

With Cloud Coach Milestones, every project is visible in any or all of the views with the click of a button. You don’t have to decide on a view at the beginning of a project or do any special configuration.

Plus, each view utilizes the same management panel on the right-hand side, allowing you to update each task, add and complete subtasks, and review important details. (You can customize what you see in the management panel using the Gantt field set on the Milestones task object.)

Which view works best for your business?

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