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The Cloud Coach Story

From There To Here

Every company has a story and at Cloud Coach we are no different. Here is our tale from our beginnings as one of the earliest Salesforce consultants in 2003 through to today and beyond.


Salesforce Consultants
It started in a pub in 2003 with a chance game of pool with a couple of guys opening an office in Australia for this start up called They were looking for consultants to help them install their new SaaS CRM.
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Salesforce Shifts from CRM to Platform
In 2006, Salesforce launched it’s now well-known AppExchange signaling a shift from being a CRM into being a SaaS platform. Having seen the custom apps that Cloud Coach had built for their mutual clients, Salesforce asked Cloud Coach to consider building an app for the AppExchange.

Why We Do, What We Do

The most common pain point we came across
It’s one thing having a great platform to build upon, its a whole other thing building a tool to help make people’s days at work better. As we whiteboarded ideas we kept coming back to the pain point we (and many other services based companies) always seemed to have in finding a user friendly tool to run projects and professional services delivery.
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Release and Iteration

From Cloud Coach version 1.0 to today
After close to 3 years of development, we rolled out Cloud Coach to the world in 2011. Since the initial release, we have rolled out 3 feature releases a year, expanding the capabilities of our solution each time. As a customer focused company, many of the features added in each release are driven by our customers’ specific requests and needs.


Sustainable, debt-free growth
At Cloud Coach we are a product first company. It’s more important to us to deliver a great user experience than to make a quick dollar. To support this philosophy, we built our business to be sustainable and debt-free from day one. You can be sure we are in this for the long haul with you.
Profitable from day 1
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Global Customer Base

From large enterprises to scrappy startups
Our customer focus is reflected not only in our products but in our business operations. To better serve our US customers, we opened an office in Colorado. And to serve our growing numbers of customers outside the US, we reorganized our company and opened a new office in the United Kingdom.

What’s Next?

AI will revolutionize everything
But our story is far from over. In fact we’re still in the early chapters, as we look to change the way people deliver projects all over the world. Artificial Intelligence has the chance to take project delivery to the next level and we look forward to helping take you there.
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