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Want to make an extra $45k in ACV?

That's what a platform rep like you just got from one deal with Cloud Coach.

Selling platform can be challenging. Every house needs a solid concrete foundation, but a new kitchen with granite counter tops is what makes the sale.

That’s where Cloud Coach comes in. We know that Salesforce has the best concrete foundations in the business. Cloud Coach gives you the gourmet kitchen (and home theater) your customers want, while the Salesforce platform provides the foundation they need.
We’ve taken the hard work out of showing off that shiny new kitchen when you talk to IT.
All we need is a warm introduction. Here’s some suggested text to get you started – just copy, paste, and cc [email protected]

Hello, Name,
Does your team struggle with one or more of the following?
– PPM/demand intake
– Project management/delivery
– Resource management
– Time tracking and collaboration

Cloud Coach is a PPM and project management tool designed to help large teams like yours. Cloud Coach is built on the Salesforce platform, which means that it leverages all of the security, scalability and infrastructure that Salesforce is known for. They specialize in helping large companies like yours.

If you’d like to more, you can click here or email Peter at [email protected]

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