Managing Changes, Issues and Risks to your Projects

Brandi Johnson

Aug 26 2016 5 min read

Welcome to our sneak peek into the Cloud Coach Admin Track for Delivery 2016Risk and Issue Tracking

In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to help your team track and resolve project issues and risks using advanced Salesforce tools. We’ll cover:

  • Managing risk and issue tickets
  • Using notifications to alert key stakeholders
  • Utilizing approvals and workflows to ensure that risk mitigation plans are appropriately vetted
  • Building processes that update your task, phase, and project health based upon business rules

An important part of project management is tracking and addressing risks, issues, and change requests. Using the Cloud Coach ticket system, you can track these at the project, phase, or task level. Tracking time against each of these objects allows you to report on the impact of changes, risks, and issues to your project timeline and budget. The following are just a few examples of Ticket record types you can use to manage your risks and issues.

Change Requests
A change request is a formal request to change an already approved component of the project, like a deliverable. Change requests may go through an approval process, either by the project manager, project sponsor or other project stakeholders. 

Issues are events that have already occurred that have an impact on the project. For example, if a key team member has resigned from the company, this may be an issue that affects your project deliverability. You may need to request additional resources for the project, outsource that individual’s work, or extend the project timeline.

Risks are uncertain events that may or may not occur that can have an impact on your business. For example, you may be concerned about client engagement on a project. While the client has not yet cancelled the project, this lack of engagement could extend the project timeline if you do not receive required sign-off on time.

Tracking Changes, Issues and Risks
Keeping track of the change requests, issues and risk that come up with any project is an important part of project management and evaluating the success of your project. Cloud Coach’s ticket system gives you a complete view of the events that have changed your project. From the ticket view, you can see all tickets logged against the project, along with their status, priority, and due date.

Custom Ticket Types
Ticket types can be customized to meet your specific business requirements. For example, you may have QA testing for individual phases or tasks, or a project request ticket on a portfolio.

Discussing Change Requests, Issues and Risks
Whether you need an update on a ticket status, such as an approval or risk management plan, or want to provide additional details to the ticket, Chatter is available on the ticket item. This keeps all of your discussion with the ticket where it belongs, not buried in email.


Brandi Johnson

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