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Sales to Project Handoff

Turn sales opportunities into onboarding projects

Seamlessly transition your customers from closed-won to kickoff using automation. As a Salesforce native delivery solution, you can:

  • Initiate your onboarding and delivery process directly from your sales opportunities 
  • Map best-practice templates to your different products and offerings 
  • Automatically surface all the information your team needs without double entry
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Seamless integration with Salesforce
I love that I don't have to work in two seperate systems to see the health of our customer. Whether it be new sales, customer service cases, and now customer implementations.

Run your projects directly in Salesforce

Cloud Coach supports multiple different project methodologies, meaning no project should have to live outside of your CRM. 

  • Execute both waterfall, agile, or hybrid processes in one system
  • Easily execute projects across different departments and teams
  • Allow your end users to complete tasks the way they see fit

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Track your key customer milestones

If you’re not mapping efforts towards your customer outcomes, what value are you really bringing them? With Cloud Coach, you can track your project milestones and tie them to deliverables that signal the most value for your customer. 

  • Visualize key dates and milestones across your different project portfolios in real time
  • Automatically trigger revenue and billing metrics when milestones are hit
  • Track duration and effort variances for projects and milestones 

Skills Based Resourcing

Staff smarter and improve resource utilization

Make the most of your resource pool and find the right person, with the right skills, who have availability when you need it, with our multi-level skills-based resourcing engine.

  • Track billable utilization across all users, roles, and projects
  • Forecast resource demand directly from your sales pipeline
  • Enter time from anywhere in the product

Documents and Meetings

Promote consistency across all your meetings

Build best practice agendas into your Meeting templates and use Salesforce automation to initiate the right meeting at the right time in your delivery process.

  • Capture all your meeting minutes and action items
  • Share meeting minutes with your attendees in one click
  • Measure progress across all actions originating from your meetings

Reports & Dashboards

Report on anything

When all your data lives in one place you can report on anything in real-time, utilizing the Salesforce reporting engine. 

  • Tailor your delivery dashboards to what your users need whether it be by role, department, product line, or region
  • Dive into any report at any time for a closer look at project status 
  • Share customer-facing status reports 

Reports & Dashboards

We’ve seen a reduction of 3,400 hours annually across our workforce on entering time alone, allowing us to redeploy those hours to work with our clients.

Chris McLeod,
Vice President, Enterprise PMO
Net Health
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Vice President, Enterprise PMO
Net Health is a specialized provider of EHR software solutions that serves over 14,000 facilities, including 98% of the largest hospital chains.
INDUSTRY: Healthtech & Healthcare

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