Cloud Coach Platform & Security

Keeping your data secure is our #1 priority

We know that when you move your business functions to the Cloud there are many things that are important to you, starting with the security of your data.

Built On Salesforce

The world’s leading SaaS platform

Built on Salesforce
    When Cloud Coach set out to build the world’s best project delivery suite, we wanted a firm foundation to build our tools on. After studying all the available cloud-based platforms, we settled on the Salesforce platform for its superior:
  • Data security
  • Configuration capabilities
  • Reporting & dashboards
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Built on Salesforce

Simple Integration

With your other important business tools

Simple Integration
    With project delivery being a central part of your business, there are often other tools you want to connect with, such as HCM for user skills & PTO, or a finance system for actual project costings. Cloud Coach gives you integration capabilities including:
  • Point & Click connection to Salesforce apps
  • API access to the Cloud Coach data structure
  • Real time or batched integration ability
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Simple Integration

Success Is Built On Trust

Trust starts with transparency

Success is built on trust
    Cloud Coach is built natively on the Salesforce platform, meaning that Salesforce’s 99.99% availability extends to Cloud Coach too. Platform performance data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at including:
  • System status
  • Security
  • Compliance
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Success is built on trust

Different User Roles?

Control who has access to what

Different User roles?
    Not everyone in your business has the same needs for their day to day job, so Cloud Coach gives you full control over which type of users can do what:
  • Granular permissions over functional capability
  • Group assignments of profile permissions
  • The ability to lock down data
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Different user roles?

Multiple Departments?

Keep your departmental records separate

Multiple departments
    Across a large global business you may have many different departments and business units using Cloud Coach each day. Keep your teams focused on their own work with record level security.
  • Restrict visibility by department
  • Use business rules to grant record access
  • Give executive visibility through hierarchies
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multiple departments

Avoid Prying Eyes

Reveal just the data a user needs to see

    Even down at the individual record level when several users may all have access to the same record, you still might want to hide or restrict certain pieces of information from different users:
  • Hide financial data from end users
  • Make KPI data visible but not editable
  • Control access based on user profiles
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