Premium Success | Annual Pricing

Cloud Coach offers premium success for our customers who need a little more help to achieve continued success their implementation of Cloud Coach. Hours for premium success can supplement customer success in the following ways:

Premium Success Tier Platinum Gold Silver
Total Hours (Annually) 240 120 60
Related Subscription Contract Term Discount Offer Price Discount Offer Price Discount Offer Price
1 Year 30% $41,160.00 20% $23,520.00 10% $13,230.00
Discount Offer Price Discount Offer Price Discount Offer Price
2 Year 40% $35,280.00 30% $20,580.00 20% $11,760.00
Discount Offer Price Discount Offer Price Discount Offer Price
3 Year 50% $29,400.00 40% $17,640.00 30% $10,290.00
Maximum number of hours that can be used in one month: 30 20 10

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Best practice consulting

  • Industry experience, PM methodologies, and product usage 

Salesforce dashboard and reporting enhancements

  • Creation/update of dashboards and reports

Automation updates and enhancements

  • Effective utilization of Salesforce automations tools (Does not include code)

Status report updates, enhancements, and creation

  • Includes markup (html/css), does not include custom controller

Cloud Coach Admin

  • Includes update to page layouts, custom fields, field sets, record types, milestone and stage gate setup, and security setup and maintenance

Customized Training and Documentation

  • Targeted training sessions on custom build (including out-of-the-box training as well). Can be department specific
  • Enhanced documentation on custom build and/or workflows by department, business unit, etc

Org Health Checks

  • Review and fix and/or offer suggestions on how to enhance declarative automation (process builders, flows, workflow rules, approval processes) that touches Cloud Coach custom objects

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From your favorite SF records


  • Premium Success discounting is driven by the volume of hours purchased annually and the length of term of the related subscription amount by the customer.
  • The amount of premium success hours can be adjusted at each subscription anniversary and at renewal.
  • Hours cannot roll over to the next year.
  • Customer can only request up to the allocated maximum amount each month. If there is a request for work that will require more than the monthly maximum, it must be made 30 days in advance. If not, Cloud Coach cannot guarantee support for the requested hours for that month.
  • Additional hours can be added at any time at our standard T&M rate.


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From your favorite SF records

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