Cloud Coach Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Take your services organization to the next level

With Cloud Coach’s full suite of Professional Services Automation tools, you can take your services organization to the next level. Whether you're dealing with Fixed Price or Time and Materials deliveries, Cloud Coach helps you do more with less by maximizing the efficiency of your team.

Link Sales to Delivery

Turn your opportunities into projects

Salesforce PSA lets you link sales to delivery
    Sales handoff is a breeze when you launch Cloud Coach projects off opportunities. Monitor your billable projects and link them back to your opportunities and accounts for profitability reporting:
  • Turn opportunities into projects
  • Automate project creation using templates
  • Track your profitability against the sale
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Salesforce PSA lets you link sales to delivery

Set Your Billable Rates

By users, skills and rate cards

Set your Billable Rates
    Set up default billable rates by user, or create rate cards for your customers. For select projects, you can create special rate cards when you’ve agreed on a special price for a particular project:
  • Control rates and costs by resource
  • Create rate cards for your accounts
  • Monitor real-time billables on projects and tasks
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Set your billable rates

Assign Your Team

Based on skills and availability

Assign Your Team
    When it comes time to assign your users to a task, resource allocation couldn’t be easier. With Cloud Coach, you can allocate your resources to tasks in one easy screen.
  • See all your users or filter by team, skill or more
  • Color-coding to give you visibility into availability
  • Drill into users to see what they are working on
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Assign Your Team

Share Project Progress

With your clients and stakeholders

Share project progress
    When you’re dealing with a client-facing project, it’s important to keep your customers and internal stakeholders such as sales and customer support informed. Cloud Coach lets you:
  • Share real time project status with customers
  • Track internal and external project stakeholders
  • Send automated alerts to stakeholders
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Share project progress

Project Profitability

Actuals, estimates, margins & ROI

Manage project profitability
    See your true project profitability in real-time, and monitor your daily, weekly, or monthly status by individual project or group of projects.
  • Track your costs by resource or skill-type
  • Monitor your actuals vs. estimates at a glance
  • Automatically populate your labor budget
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Manage project profitability

Client Retainers

Keep track of ongoing services agreements

Ongoing service agreements
    Track your ongoing services agreements including client hours and spend with Cloud Coach retainers. Monitor your remaining balance and choose whether to roll over unused services or not to the next time period.
  • Track hours and spend by total or skill-type
  • Create weekly, monthly or one-time retainers
  • Choose whether to roll-over hours and/or spend
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Ongoing service agreements

Resource Utilization

How well are we using our team?

Multiple departments
    Whether your team is doing billable work or is assigned to non-revenue generating activities, Cloud Coach captures their utilization and reports on it instantly:
  • Track resource utilization in real-time
  • See percentages of billable vs. bench time
  • Designate work as billable or non-billable
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multiple departments

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