Cloud Coach Project Management

Simple or complex - the choice is yours

Our four tiers of project management tools deliver exactly what you need to plan and execute projects successfully. Based on over ten years of customer-driven research, Cloud Coach includes the most important capabilities project managers depend on to get their job done fast and accurately.

Create Projects

From your favorite Salesforce records

Create projects
    Whether it’s a customer onboarding project, IT development effort, or a marketing campaign, Cloud Coach lets you launch projects directly from your favorite Salesforce records:
  • Get a true 360° view of your accounts
  • Launch projects based on your business rules
  • Connect with any Salesforce based objects
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Create projects

Leverage Project Templates

Automate project creation & save time

Leverage project templates
    Get a head start on project creation by launching new projects quickly and easily from your own best-practice project templates. You can even automate project creation using Process Builder and your own specific business rules:
  • Create templates to follow your best practices
  • Pre-assign resource skills to speed delivery
  • Save time – Automatically create projects
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Leverage project templates

See Your Projects

In the view that works for you

See your projects
    Whether you prefer working with a Gantt style timeline or a Kanban board, Cloud Coach allows you to work with your project in multiple ways. And if you have trouble making your mind up, changing between views is as simple as clicking a button.
  • Next generation ‘Gantt Charts’ with critical path and baseline snapshots
  • ‘Agile Boards’ with drag-and-drop updates
  • Spreadsheet like ‘List Views’
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See your projects

Stage Gate

For product development projects

Stage Gate
    Cloud Coach is perfect for managing your stage or phase gate development projects. With best in breed Gantt charts, workflow processes, approval mechanisms and reporting Cloud Coach gives you:
  • Visibility into gate progress
  • Gate approvals before progression
  • Gate reporting and analytics
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Stage Gate

Budget and Track

Your project financials

Budget and track
    You’re not just responsible for delivering your projects on time. Your executives also want to see your project’s financial performance. Cloud Coach has full fiscal capabilities to help you:
  • Budget your project spend by month, cost area, and CAPEX v OPEX
  • Import actuals from your financial system such as SAP, Oracle, or SAGE
  • Add your internal labor cost of delivery, so you can see the complete fiscal picture
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Budget and Track

Risks, Issues, Change

Manage them all effectively

Risks, Issues, Change Request
    Running projects effectively often involves juggling more balls than just timelines. With Cloud Coach throughout your project delivery lifecycle you can:
  • Identify, mitigate and resolve risks
  • Track issues against your projects
  • Manage project change requests
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Risks, Issues, Change requests


Documents, Meetings, and Requirements

Capture project documentation
    To get the full picture of your project, tracking documentation is critical. That’s where Cloud Coach can help give you the edge with:
  • Store all of your project documents
  • Meeting minutes repository
  • Capture project requirements
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Capture project documentation

Keep Stakeholders Informed

Share project status with customers

Keep stakeholders informed
    Whether you’re dealing with a client facing project or managing an internal IT effort, you have internal and external stakeholders to manage and keep informed:
  • Share real time project status with customers
  • Track internal and external project stakeholders
  • Send automated alerts to stakeholders
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Keep stakeholders informed

Visualize Progress

Across all your projects

Visualize Progress
    Like most people in your position, you’re juggling many projects at once. That’s where our dynamic Cross Project Views gives you the edge:
  • Create your own views based on project type
  • View timelines and status information
  • Update project information on the fly
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visualize progress

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