project reporting software

Track Everything

Report on Anything

By using Cloud Coach’s corporate project reporting software, the information your organization needs is always accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every morsel of data you acquire is readily available for analysis and reporting in real time, providing you total control over what’s actually happening inside your business.
  • Report on any data you capture
  • Reporting available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Schedule reports to run & email you automatically

Dashboards for your execs

Visual Indicators of all your KPI’s

performance project reporting
Business executives need performance visibility to help expedite their decision making process. With Cloud Coach’s corporate project reporting software and customizable dashboards, executives can easily:
  • Create visual representations of your data
  • See how your business is performing against your KPI’s
  • Automatically email your dashboards to your execs

Cross project gantt

Visualize timelines across your business

If your organization needs to track timelines across multiple projects then Cloud Coach has a solution! With our corporate project reporting software you can create custom cross project gantt views to show information such as projects starting this month or projects over $2M in revenue:
  • See project progression across your programs
  • Create your own custom cross project gantt views
  • One click drill into the individual project details
Portfolio Project Management

Create your own reports

Never sit waiting on IT again

  • Let your business users create their own reports
  • Security controlled access to data
  • Share reports with others on your team