Seamless Sales Handoff

Turn your opportunities into projects

So you’ve just closed out a big deal and now it’s time to initiate the delivery process. With Cloud Coach, the process couldn’t be simpler. Hit the ‘Create Project’ button on your opportunity and our easy to use wizard will guide you through the new project creation process. Even better, through our Salesforce PSA solution your new project will automatically be linked back to both your opportunity and its account so your support teams can see the progress of your project delivery.

Create Templates

To standardize your project processes

Consistency is a key factor toward making your business efficient – That’s where having pre-defined processes that your whole salesforce team can follow is crucial. Cloud Coach’s corporate project management software as a service allows you to create best of breed processes for your team to follow, delivering better outcomes for your business.
  • Create your own custom project templates
  • Tailor templates for each part of your business
  • Grant access based on your security rules


Skills based resourcing

Find the right people for the job

Whether you are located in the same office or scattered all over the globe, finding the right resources at the right time is always a challenge. Cloud Coach’s professional services automation (PSA) for Salesforce gives you a skills based resourcing engine to help you manage your people no matter how big your team is:
  • Tag resources with their skills and locations
  • Designate working hours for your team
  • View availability at the project or task level

Manage the unforeseen

Handle risks, issues and change

As much as we all wish, not everything on a project goes to plan! There are always unforeseen events that crop up. Whether you need to create change requests, manage risks, or log issues, Cloud Coach PSA solution for Salesforce has your project profitability covered.
  • Create, track and assign change requests
  • Manage the project risk register
  • Log and resolve issues as they arise
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