Cloud Coach Reporting

Easily report on all of your captured data

Leveraging the best-in-class Salesforce reporting engine, Cloud Coach allows you to build and customize reports so you never miss a key moment in the life of your project, program or portfolio. Whether viewing Dashboard charts for quick updates, or drilling into reports for critical KPIs, your project data is available at all times so you can report on every detail along the way.

Real Time Reports

Available 24 by 7 from anywhere

Project Reporting for Salesforce
    All your project data is captured at key moments and available for reporting within seconds. Never miss a moment or a milestone, and get visualization into everything happening on your project, no matter the time of day:
  • All data captured can be reported upon
  • Reporting available 24 by 7
  • See reports on web, mobile or by email
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Project Reporting for Salesforce

Create Your Own Reports

Without having to ask IT

Create your own reports
    Whether you want to customize one of our out of the box reports or create something new for yourselves, Cloud Coach gives you the tools to create the reports that matters to your business:
  • Create and update your own reports
  • View data in multiple report formats
  • Organize and group reports into folders
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Create your own reports

See Key Metrics

With benchmark highlighting

See key metrics
    Whether you’re viewing project timelines or resource utilization, take control of your benchmarks and KPIs through conditional highlighting and monitor the data that matters most to you.
  • Highlight reports based on condition
  • Key in on benchmarks and team KPIs
  • Visualize reports with dynamic color-coding
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See key metrics

On The Go?

Receive your scheduled reports by email

mobile reporting access
    Never miss a key moment with automated delivery of reports straight to the email inbox of you and your team.
  • Schedule reports to go out on your time-table
  • Choose daily, weekly, or monthly updates
  • Pick the time of day that works best for you
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Mobile reporting access

Looming Problem?

Get pre warned with threshold reports

Critical threshold reporting alerts
    In the office, on the go, or flying across the world, you never have to miss a critical threshold with reporting subscriptions. Choose the criteria and have your report emailed automatically to you when your threshold is crossed such as:
  • Tasks become late running
  • Actual costs exceed planned costs
  • Critical risks are identified
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Critical threshold reporting alerts

Visualize Your KPI’s

Customizable dashboards

customized project management dashboards
    Create, control, and switch between multiple dashboards tailored to your business so you can view your KPI’s and project metrics in real time.
  • Create dashboards for your key metrics
  • Control who has access to what dashboards
  • Drill into report details from your dashboards
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customized project management dashboards

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