Benefits of the Salesforce Shared Platform for your ITSM and Project Management Solution

Brandi Johnson

Jun 1 2015 3 min read

Cloud Coach is built on the Salesforce platform, sharing the same infrastructure as Salesforce’s award winning CRM tools and BMC’s Remedyforce ITSM tools. The shared platform means that all three products leverage the same customization capabilities, collaboration engine, real-time reporting, and best of breed security.

There are pre-existing connections between Salesforce’s CRM capabilities, BMC Remedyforce’s ITSM capabilities, and the Cloud Coach product suite.

Shared Database
Cloud Coach shares the same database as your CRM and ITSM data. There’s no need for expensive initiatives to integrate the systems – they come linked out of the box, right down to the core data level.

Single UI
The Salesforce shared platform also allows your users to have a single UI for all their work. For example, the Cloud Coach user timecard can capture time on CRM, ITSM, or Project work. This single interface means less time training for you.

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Integrated Reporting
The shared database between Salesforce, BMC Remedyforce, and Cloud Coach also means that you have an integrated reporting structure. From your department reports to your executive dashboards, you have a single source of truth for your reporting needs.

Common Administration Area
The shared Salesforce platform also is a benefit to your administration. From assigning users, connecting objects, and managing permissions, you can leverage the skills of your system admin across all of the applications.

Leveraged Investment
Adding Cloud Coach to your existing investment in Salesforce and BMC Remedyforce extends your additional investment, while improving your ability to deliver well-planned and executed IT Service projects. BMC Remedyforce and Cloud Coach leverage the Salesforce shared platform, providing you additional functionality, reporting access and visibility into your IT department needs.


Brandi Johnson

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Cloud Coach is secure and customisable platform for successfully delivering projects of all shapes and sizes.

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