Portfolio Managers

Find the projects with the best ROI for your organization

See Everything

Report on all PMO metrics

Create, control, and switch between multiple dashboards tailored to your business so you can view your KPI’s and project metrics in real time including.

  • Portfolio status
  • Program financials
  • Project execution
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Capture Demand

Directly from your requesters

As a large and growing organization, your team is likely to get hit with lots of requests for projects and initiatives from the business. We make it easy to capture these requests from your business via 

  • Webforms
  • Emails
  • Self Service Portals
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Strategically Align

With a full suite of portfolio planning tools

Defining the overall strategies and objectives for your organization is only step one. Cloud Coach helps you align all investments within your portfolios and ensure that impacts are measured long past project close with a fully integrated Project Portfolio Management solution. 

Once your rules are set, watch as project managers, team members, and everybody in between execute against your portfolio strategy in real-time so that you can react accordingly when forecasts don’t align.

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Run the Projects

With the most ROI for the business

Take potential projects through our planning tools to have a clear picture of the projects that will provide the greatest ROI. Take demand through an in-depth prioritization process which can include demand scoring for strategic fit, financial benefits, potential risk, and more. 

Whether it be qualitative or quantitative, Cloud Coach is customizable so you can mold our strategic planning process to your specific business rules

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Accurate Reporting

That you can count on

And remember, not all data is made equal. That’s why in vendor selection it’s important to dig a little deeper on how data is inputted. For instance, which user experience to drive portfolio status do you trust more? 

  • The one where all projects within the portfolio are executed across project managers using the same tool, capturing project status in real-time as team members enter data as they complete out work
  • The one where projects status is gathered across multiple different project tools where project managers live within their own kingdoms and the end-user experience is different across teams
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